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Why I Dance - By: Peetisha Mangal

“Sometimes we must escape reality to face it.” - Anonymous.

When one dances, they get lost in the moment. They put their all into the performance there and then. Dance is not meant to be explained but rather felt. So, why do I dance? I dance for the

pleasure of tranquility, the sense of achievement/happiness and the up rise of my

mentality. Dance forces you to lose yourself in the music; yet, find a bit of who you are.

Tranquility, the state of being calm and totally relaxed. Although you can dance

in groups, there is a certain feeling of being alone you get. It is like the world around you

disappears and you relax. You calm down and just get taken away by the music. Also

as if everything disappears around you. Furthermore, you become totally relaxed. That

feeling of being caught p in the moment is completely priceless. Dance is a way to get

there and learn about yourself. When one is tranquil, it can become self-discovery. Your

mind is calm and all you have to do is let it wander into the unknown with no fears.

Dance helps you get there for at least a bit. Tranquility happens when you dance, and

that is one of the best states to ever be in.

Subsequently, when I dance, I automatically feel happier. It is very quick for me

to feel joyful when dancing. Scientifically, when you dance you release endorphins.

They are basically chemicals that help relieve stress and pain. Thus, making one more

happy. As a matter of fact, when I get a choreography down, have it memorized and

polished, it feels so good. The accomplishment of that feels so satisfying. As a pretty young individual, I have not had many accomplishments. The sense of achievement fills one up with joy. Then actually going on stage and showing off your hard work is just a blessing. You get to dance in the moment, with a sense of pride; but, that it is for yourself. Yet, another indescribable feeling to explain as it is something you must feel.

To top it all, when I dance my mentality and mood have wonders done to them.

Like said earlier, you get lost in the moment when you dance. All that stress, any

hardships are forgotten. I’m too caught up in the moment to remember much. One is

just stuck in that loop of dance where you can let go and paint a story. The beauty of

dance is too mesmerizing to remember troubles when dancing. All those worries float

away the moment you feel the dance. Therefore, your mentality goes up.

Dance is an escape, it is a journey. It is something meant to be felt and not

explained. Why people dance always differs, but I dance for me. I dance to get caught in the moment and experience that calmness. Dance is an art that we can all master if we put effort into it.

That is why I love to dance.

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